IR SoekarnoLeader is a wise human
Impartially, or concerned with their personal interests
Thinking and concerned interests and grievances of the people
not only the guise of lip service

Advance the economic gap
Helping the poor
Modernization of the state and nation
And eradicate the illicit cases in government, corruption collusion, nepotism

So long we missed a fair leader
Which does not enrich himself
Not precede its needs
But are very concerned about the needs of people

Probably just a dream
Dream that will forever continue to be buried
A nation that continues to be fooled
A nation that continues to be suppressed by the government interests

Of the people, by the people, for the people
Have we forgotten that slogan?
Our nation, we also need to pay attention
Dont let this nation fall into the hands of the wrong

We have the right to choose
We have the courage to go forward to determine who is worthy
Dont be fooled by the power of the bribe
But make a clean heart, honest, and fair

Election day draws near, determined by the heart not with money …

By: Path oey


About pathoey

This website describes all forms of love for the natural beauty and share a meaningful picture about nature

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