Afternoon sun and expectationsStrains sand beach in the afternoon
Complementing the beauty today
I sat on the edge , For a moment silent and pensive
Imagine a thing that is impossible I guess

Sometimes I can only dream
Helpless as the sand which ignited waves
I was weak hearts are easily scratched
I expect every spark of motivation to increase thirst

Swept like a wave and did not want to get up to move on?
Sometimes I want to like the solid rock
But this time I am still very far from expectations
Regret every action and cry like a baby

I want , I want , and I want to be able to fly like a bird in the middle of the sea
Splitting existing obstacles such as tsunami waves that invaded
Wings that mark each new expectations to be achieved
And ultimately happy like a beautiful sunset

By: Pathoey


About pathoey

This website describes all forms of love for the natural beauty and share a meaningful picture about nature

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