Only the piano accompanies me throughout the day
The sleeping cello
Quiet and so old
I think you’ve made yourself clear
I know and I’m sure
You don’t regret

You say you’re upset too, that I don’t believe
You being with me was in the past
I hope he loves you more than i do
Only then will i bring myself to leave

You want me to say it , but it is awkward
I dont even want to break up
Why must i depend on a smile to tide me through?
I dont have the ability
To Accept both you and him
Dont worry to much
I’ll still be fine

You’ve already gone far away
And i will slowly walk away
Why is it that I have to accommodate you even when [we] break up?
I Really dont have the ability
Staying silent doesn’t come so fast
I Will learn to give you up
Beacuse i love you so much

By: Pathoey


About pathoey

This website describes all forms of love for the natural beauty and share a meaningful picture about nature

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