imagethis week im watch one of the most important match in ligue 1 between 2 teams who needs a point , yeah live on Stade de france i went back to see brilliant comeback from the visitors.

But Lens successfull scores opening goal in this game with the counter attack situation , only need 10 minutes for the host can lead 1 – 0 and Coulibaly came as a finisher

tireless struggle by PSG make them can scores equalizer goal , speculation shoot by cabaye enough to make scores 1 – 1.

just need 15 minutes for psg leading this match , maxwel play well and emerged as breaking deadlock 1 – 2 for psg.

psh thrid goal appaer on second half now this edinson cavani turn for score in the hard situation , but he camly penalty well and make psg lead so far  1 – 3.

i think drama start after thrid goal for psg , i didnt want comment about who will be the winner in this game but i want ask about referee stupid act?

why i say that , every player have his own style when he celebrated that goal , but i thought this referee assess celebrations as an insult , so easy for him give cavani yellow card


celebartion is normal in football world but i think tje referee think outside the box and he cant compare about celebration and rasicm

honestly im not psg fans but im just want to talk about the wise referee can know and compare what player do around the field , i guess cavani not do bad things , but this is very very worst referee performance

after the referee give him yellow card , cavani approached the referee to protest but i dont know how i can say ? he gets red card , akward , amazing , and sensational feelings , i never see before … i feel dissapointed really … thats is named stupid act out of the rules as a referee.


“From this match i can learn , if people harm us , we need to carefull with every things we do , im affraid they’ll envy.”

sorry for my bad english
and enjoy my blog 🙂

by: pathoey


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