pretty sad to hear her grief
lost in the cold and frantic of capital
not easily given up on life
fought hard for her family … ( papa , mama , young bro and sister)

too much pressure whack
truly noble virgin not tempted to enter a vicious circle
a strong princess and never be ashamed to face reality
removed prestige , family takes precedence

of the night and will remain so never faded dreams and hopes
girl garbage scavengers who seek fortune
beauty of beijing has always been an entertainer in life
a simple smile has always been part of the corner of beijing

lolita like patting our hearts are still global slacker
tired already a best friend
to provide for loved ones

special note from me:

“one day i read an article on a website and i inadvertently attracted to one women who loaded looks beautiful there, but that makes me surprised and second it inspires me to be more grateful for life again.”

“why ? , i think im just lucky than her , a pretty girl does not deserve to be a scavenger , but she showed me that life is hard and must be lived with passion”

“starting now i pray for everyone , in order to be grateful for life , never be affraid to face the ordeal , do anything all that you do with trust , and consience.”

thanks for inspire story from lolita 🙂 i really respect her and pray for her to get better life , AMIEN

By: path oey


About pathoey

This website describes all forms of love for the natural beauty and share a meaningful picture about nature

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