Arsenal v Southampton - Capital One Cup Third Roundas fans of Arsenal of course we know , we have favourite player at the club , player who always be a keymatch , and score’s many goal’s every week , sometimes become a man of the match in important match with Arsenal. Today we have discussion about key player in Arsenal who dont get enough time for playing reguler at First team but
has the potential to be great.

We Start from this season before , flashback to previous season , im always watching different style from this club every season , with different key player’s , This has happened repeatedly , and I am a bit fed up with the wrong management of such a sustained.

This season the mighty Podolski in the previous two seasons into a loyal occupant bench, what gives? there is something wrong with him? a winner of the World Cup title just sit on the bench? , I think Wenger wrong to continue to put him on the bench, he has the strength of a superb left foot and can help a lot for the arsenal in a matter of finishing ,This season he has scored one goal in the Champions League arena, I was expecting the opportunity given to him to continue playing, and I’m sure if Wenger gives him a chance he’ll grow even more become one goal-hungry striker this season.

Thomas Vermaelenafter winning the FA Cup is probably the last parting gift given the captain, who would have the greatest fortress arsenal in the end only inhabit the bench , after he was recruited as a key player after the departure of van Persie to manchester united, he became a doorstop that often make blunders, one was a fatal blunder when met a former captain in the old traffrod subject that makes Arsenal lose 2-1, following the end of last season, he chose to move to barcelona and thank the fans who have given the spirit in hard times.

Nicklas BendtnerLord Bendtner is a player who twice made his debut for arsenal after famous thanks to one of the fastest goals, he returned to the arsenal after travel from sunderland and Juventus, but Wenger will blind the light, he’s continues to let Bendtner was on the bench, one an important role last season scoring one goal win over Crystal Palace in the Emirates that make the Gunners remain at the top level.

Andrey ArshavinUntil now im still remember about four goal from Arshavin at Anfield , he’s really stronger at that time , wearing jersey number 23, he showed that he can exceed expectations given to him when he first came to the emirates, and often become a mainstay in a number of important games , but the wheel as it rotates, he became a substitute in a period of the next two seasons until the management had to release it back to the zenith.

The only part of a number of great players who wasted by Arsene Wenger, if this management is wrong? , Or is this a ploy to rejuvenate the young players? , But I think age is not a problem, they are all great players who made a large contribution to Arsenal, I’m sad they leave this club, but rice has become porridge, we just hope this does not happen bad management for years to come

By: Path Oey


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