10801472_817310024981676_203033573848318844_nEvery morning I never forget , never forget to be grateful for all the blessings God has given me , although I am not a rich man, but I have a life, a life so beautiful with joy ,I am thankful I have a life that is very useful for others , though I do not have many possessions, but I can devote my energy to social activities that are very touching and makes me motivated in life.

I never think of my office as an lowyer assistant , I was just thinking how I was being useful to other people around me ,
I never get tired of walking around meeting with people who are less fortunate it even became a burning passion in my soul since I was in the path of virtue is like the “Buddha” wanted.

10647084_817309698315042_7968377184011425799_nSometimes we are not grateful for what we have, there are a number of people who are less fortunate, even to eat a bite of rice has become a great happiness for them , therefore I will never forget how I did this activity with all my heart, and I dedicate my heart sincerely to help them.

very touching meeting, every day I have to be the rest of their material, to tell stories and chattering about they life very miserable, is very touching to me.

We as humans basically have to care for each other, instead of disgust with people who are under our , tired of there, everyone would sometimes tired of life, is a matter of reflection for us, we should not only look up, a lot of people who are under us, if not enough to just be grateful should come down to help them.

This is the true story of my best friend who lives in our neighboring countries as a form of dedication that makes him touched me, I’m proud of him going to all that he did.

This is an excerpt from him words that I fit

PO: “One question for you , which your best experience when you do this activity ?”

US: “i’m feel it so great and so happy that i can to help them and they need our help however it’s so hard work , a lot of problem of them about their children.”

Sorry once more for my bad english , I remain grateful message of caring for others.

By: Path Oey


About pathoey

This website describes all forms of love for the natural beauty and share a meaningful picture about nature

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