PATHDIMENSI , LONDON – 5 case of emergency Arsenal obliged to do – A humiliating defeat in the opening match of liverpool make us ask, what Arsenal need to do to be a high achiever? As Arsenal fans have been patiently as did we? Arsenal in a decade is indeed consistent, but consistently for profit, so in the last decade only two FA Cup and two Community Shield, is that enough? And I tried to invite the Gooners beloved family for a little discussion about 5 case of emergency Arsenal obliged to do.

Back focus to this season, Arsenal will face the defending champion, precisely in next Saturday. Leicester also both suffered defeat in the opening match, and this is a golden opportunity for Arsenal to get up and grab the first point. I hope Arsene Wenger did not put a player who is not quite right. Now is not the time to divide time for young players who are untested, but for players who have matured as Chambo, Cazorla, Lolo, Mesut, even Giroud. What can you expect from Iwobi, in the first game only a few movements alone but did not give a pretty good result.

No need to linger longer, let us discuss more thoroughly about 5 case of emergency Arsenal obliged to do:

5. Motivation champion, no Champions League zone

Indeed, in the last three years there is a change in the rankings, Arsenal in the league table of primary.A great pride we can keep the tradition of qualifying for the Champions League and always finish above bitter rivals Tottenham. But if we will only be satisfied until age 49 time is not invincible it? Where typical Arsene Wenger former, which carries beautifully deadly football. Come on, comrades, we need achievement, is enough we become the derision of other fans.Motivation for the championship is necessary, once rivals heavier so we have to be really consistent and do not just settle even ranked first after the slip. I believe the key to success unbeaten Arsenal era, is consistency and high collectivity, and it must be reenacted, make us happy with the achievements not only with the game Your Beauty.

44. Buy world-class Striker
Currently there are major problems in many lines Arsenal, to become unlikely champions we just rely on the usual mediocre striker.Names like Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez, Danny Wellbeck, and even Takuma Asano was apparently not enough to make Arsenal the ranks of the most daunting front line this season. Are you going to think twice can bring striker Robert Lewandowski, Antoine Griezmann, Even to Mauro Icardi after we failed to recruit Higuain and even eyeing Laccazette.Come on Wenger do not joke, do not quibble with the care of the money Arsenal, but take care of the fans who have absolutely furious with the policy you are stingy. Buy at least a striker who can always score goals in every game, so that we can secure more points

3. Still gives an opportunity for senior players
One blunder Arsenal in the first game is overly relying on young players. Why do you even choose Elneny, Iwobi than chambo and Cazorla? Proven with their entry, circumstances change and you scored. My anxiety was Wenger too happy with discretion squandered quality players. Please do not be too old-fashioned, is the present rather than the future, choose the appropriate player is not for the future, sometimes exasperated with policies that likes to play young players. Who later will end up like Lukas Podolski, Arshavin, Vermaelen pillars which ended in vain

2. Buy world-class defender
Holding projected for the future come together as Chambers. At least they are still given a chance in the FA Cup and Capital One Cup, and occasionally appearing alongside senior players. We need a reincarnation of Adams figure is really a legend. Gabriel with his injury, Per automatic only Lolo who will fight alone. Which in my mind is going to be a tandem for Lolo Holding or Chambers, please do not be stingy Wenger. Raise fewer offers to players who are being targeted so that they could soon be docked. We really need a quality defender, not a cheap course

1. Wenger leave Arsenal
Perhaps it is time for Wenger to leave Arsenal. Tactics and policies have a lot of adverse occasions champion Arsenal. There are also many fans who are already furious with himself. I think if Wenger go and bring a world class manager, Arsenal fans can laugh over United, Chelsea, Liverpool and City of talk. Look out world-class figure who could make Arsenal speaks volumes in Europe as well. This is a good time for Arsenal to make changes. Still we believe under Arsene? Yes Believing in time how much longer it would win titles?
A few of my rants and my discussions regarding 5 case of emergency Arsenal obliged to do , Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal …
By: Path Oey


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